Kurt McClelland
awesome job on the new video on the home page ! Great pics for the day also!
Kurt McClelland(non-registered)
Awesome job Steve, keep up the good work ! We appreciate it !
Robert Mitchell(non-registered)
Glad you made it to the Lakes Area Cruisers Rod Run. The weather was the pits this year but still the club managed to raise enough money to make a very sizeable contribution to Lakes Area Hospice. We'll do better next year.
Donnie Blacksher(non-registered)
I've seen you walking around the mud races in Sour Lake taking pictures and finally looked you up on the internet. Gotta say your pictures are great. My son races our green Chevy truck and you got some great shots of him in May. I ended up buying a few 8x10's from you and can't wait to see some more. Beautiful work !

Glenn E. Dennis (Whiz)(non-registered)
Been a while since I visited your site! I must say, I like what I'm seeing here,Buddy! Seems you've got it going all your way now! Good Luck and I'll see you whenever I can make it back to the track!
walter smith(non-registered)
lookin for a way to buy a photo without paypal. you're talkin to a computer idiot. contact me @ walterhsmithrn@yahoo.com. good luck great photos as usual. walt
Edith Gauthreaux(non-registered)
I love the photos you take. They are great and you take pictures of all cars/ trucks that run. That is just wonderful.. Thank you!
Great Pics !
Glad you've got everything going your way. Nice site you have here. It's good to have you taking pics at the track. If there were more we would be even happier. Photography is a great hobby to have. It costs a bit more now. But I'm glad I got into it a long time ago. And its good to see that you are enjoying it also. Thanks for your photo work at the track. Holler at us guys sometimes! And post more (big) pictures on the board to show off your work.
Fred Irby(non-registered)
We're glad to have ya out here taking the pics. There have been a lot of people asking "who was that was taking pics Saturday?" Now I can tell them and give them a site to go to. Thanks Steve for the pics you take.

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